Thermodynamic hot water

The Daikin Group, a major player in the global climate comfort market, has combined its heat pump expertise with the heat storage technology developed by Rotex (Daikin Group). The combination of these two technologies has led to the design of a thermodynamic water heater that overturns the range of water production solutions currently available on the market.

Ballon Thermodynamique DAIKIN

Energy saving

The combination of the two technologies, heat pump and accumulator, allows significant savings to be made.

  • Heat pump technology reduces the energy required to produce domestic hot water by up to 70% (compared to a conventional tank).
  • The semi-instantaneous production of hot water, coupled with the absence of additional energy in the water disinfection cycle, generates new energy gains.
  • The new thermodynamic water heater consumes up to three times less electricity than a traditional electric water heater.


High-performance technologies and materials

  • Unlike traditional storage tanks, the Daikin storage tank is an atmospheric pressure tank. The tank is insulated with two polypropylene jackets with polyurethane foam injected between them. The use of this technology does not require any special corrosion protection. In the event of an overflow, the water is drained off through a drain outlet on the top of the tank. Polypropylene also guarantees durability and impact resistance. In addition, thanks to our instantaneous production technology, we do not need to install an anode.


4 regulation modes have been developed to meet our customers' needs. They are all compatible with the EJP, Tempo or HP/HC tariffs.

  • The "Eco" mode is the most economical solution possible. In this mode, only the heat pump will operate, thus reducing energy consumption.
  • The Auto mode is identical to the Eco mode. However, if necessary, the electric battery built into our system is allowed to run to ensure optimum comfort.
  • Quiet mode means that the outdoor unit of the heat pump operates at a lower power level and therefore the noise level is reduced.
  • If a large quantity of hot water is required, the "Boost" mode can be activated. In this way, the heat pump and the electric booster will run at the same time in order to quickly reach the hot water temperature.

Documentation of the thermodynamic tank


Documentation of the thermodynamic tank


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