3 February 2020


Photovoltaic panels, long considered to be inaccessible for many, are today also popular with the professionals than individuals. In the event, a significant drop in the number of acquisition costs has been noticeable over the last ten years. That’s why they are increasingly being seen on rooftops and in the home. especially overlooking large corporations. The fact is that a lot of refinements have taken place over time. This has allowed a good part of Europe to benefit from an inexhaustible source of energy. Although solar energy still only has a 1% market share at present.

Green energy that is starting to be very popular

Originally too exorbitant, the price of solar energy gradually regressed. This has led to a considerable return on the related investment. Nowadays, signs can be found everywhere you go. On houses, public institutions, and especially companies in all sectors combined.

Intensive farmers, big consumers of energy, are turning more and more to this solution. It is a choice that is becoming unavoidable for a colossal consumption. Proof of this is that industrial sites use up to 1,000 m² for a single installation. This is the equivalent of about 170 kWh in production.

A price drop all the way down the line

In 2009, the installation of solar panels of approximately 16 m² was valued at nearly 20,000 euros. Five years later, the difference was already phenomenal. For 32 m², the price was reduced to 12,000 euros.

Although the popularity of photovoltaic energy has increased since 2010. Over the years, users have been able to benefit from costing 5 times less. As for the price of the work, it was discounted by an estimated 50%. With this observation comes the increase in investments related to this field.

In addition, energy suppliers such as EDF are buying from major investors for 15 cents per kWh. Profits reach around 20,000 euros per year depending on the season.

Some improvements are needed

In addition to this phenomenal decrease in tariffs, the absence of technical constraints related to its use should really benefit consumers. In terms of storage, the devices used are more accessible. But with their current performance, which is comparable to electricity, the public’s enthusiasm is justified.

In the case of its transport, there must be further improvements. To make matters worse, energy loses 6 to 10% of its efficiency along the way. It cannot be said that no changes are being made in this respect. Especially since this has been accompanied by a reduction in the size of the panels. An evolution that should continue exponentially for an unbeatable success.

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